Tina Anisten
(Kristina Anisimova)

Founder, Development Director of SinoImport ® Group

Expert practitioner in international business and supply chain management with more than 30,000 hours of experience.

Master of International Business.

Consultant to a number of companies participating in foreign trade activity, including the Evraz Holding group, the united company RUSAL, Baoding Pingyilu Petroleum and Oil Fittings, Delkom, Proteh-AGRO, and others.

Author of scholarly articles in the field of international law, customs, and international trade.

The expert's main focus is assisting and consulting import and export participants on conducting foreign trade transactions and compliance.

Creator of an online training school in international logistics and supplies, author and speaker of the course "The foreign trade transaction management from A to Z?"

Advising on international business and supply issues.
Implementation of international purchases on a turnkey basis.
Assistance to companies in building a department of foreign economic activity.

Assistance to companies in confirming the customs value.
The company's strategy is to connect all the needs and opportunities of the American market with the needs and opportunities of countries around the world, creating a global supply chain system so that everyone on the planet has access to quality goods at competitive prices.
The goal for the near future is to promote international procurement, customs clearance, efficient delivery and distribution in the US market.
The goal for the five-year period is to reach all countries of the world in organizing procurement and provide jobs for more than 500 people.
  • The main life values of Tina ANisten: are spiritual and professional self-development, personal growth, spiritual intimacy with loved ones, friendship, self-confidence, independence, freedom of opinion and action, vocation, team and business partners, health, and financial security.

    Priority human qualities: honesty, decency, reliability, love for the world around and people, gratitude, responsiveness, mercy, understanding, tolerance, respect, optimism, determination, diligence, and self-discipline.

    According to Tina ANisten, it is impossible to remove any of the mentioned valuable qualities from the list, which every Person should strive for. It is this combination of life values that can lead to success and the achievement of goals.